Stichting Fly Aware

Knowledge- and Information Centre

A non-profit foundation, Stichting Fly Aware aims to be a centre for information and knowledge about air travel related health risks. It offers tips to reduce these risks, in order to stay as fit and healthy as possible. A source of information for people with health issues possibly related to flying, both for those flying professionally and other frequent flyers.

Flying offers many advantages....

A society without air travel is unthinkable nowadays. With the introduction of the jet engine in the early 60's, both speed and range of passenger airplanes increased drastically. Today one can even fly non stop from e.g. Europe to Australia, a trip that would take at least 4-5 days not so long ago. On top of that, ticket prices dropped significantly, bringing flying within reach for a much larger audience. As a result the world has become a much smaller place over the last few decades. Long range air travel including multiple time zones is quite normal today for many of us. And furthermore flying is considered one of the safest means of transport. 


Air travel is not bringing only advantages. Disturbed day/night rhythm as a result of long traveling hours and time differences causes extra fatigue. On top of that, there are several reasons why staying in a pressurised cabin for longer periods adds an extra burden to the health of passengers and crew.

Fly…. Aware

Cockpit- en cabine crew as well as frequent flyers, regularly stay on board of airplanes, sometimes even daily en for prolonged periods of time. Make sure then to be properly informed about the health risks that this poses, and take proper preventative measures to restrict these risks as much as possible! Prevention starts with awareness, en Stichting Fly Aware aims to contribute there as good as we can.

Information centre

The information offered is obtained from scientific research results and other relevant publications. Our many contacts with doctors, therapists, cockpit- and cabin crew and frequent flyers provide additional, valuable data. All that knowledge and experience are bundled to share with you. We also use them to further develop our protocols for the treatment of various (e.g. neurological) health issues that are possibly related to air travel. Therefore we invite everyone who could contribute to this to contact Stichting Fly Aware.


Stichting Fly Aware provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions about health and vitality in relation to flying, for pilots, cabin crew members, frequent flyers, but also for professionals in health care.