Post Mortem Research

by Michel F.A. Mulder MD

A post mortem was performed in The Netherlands in 2013 of a prematurely deceased airline pilot. A standard obduction didn’t reveal a possible cause for the severe complaints this person had been suffering during his flying career.

A second obduction was particularly focussed on a possible causal relationship between these complaints and physical damage in his body. This under the guidelines of a FAA 2008 paper.

Microscopy of the heart tissue, brain and the long nerves in arms and legs, revealed a surprising picture. The heart showed an active Lymphocytic Myocarditis, based on an auto-immune reaction. A normally very rare occurrence of an “inflamed” heart muscle. The brain and the long nerves of the extremities showed a diffuse structural break down, by an active auto-immune response against healthy tissues. This will cause loss of functionality.

We have seen another 6 similar cases. Young men in the strength of their lives, active as cockpit or cabin personnel. All seven in total showed identical damage to the different organs. It could very well be that there is a possible causal link between regular exposure to contaminated air in jet aircraft, a diffuse pattern of aviation related severe medical complaints and subsequent damage to the inner organs.

We need your help to be able to investigate this further. It is very important for us to contact the family within 24 hours after an active crew member (or passenger) has unexpectedly died.

There maybe costs involved for our research in Amsterdam. An international protocol is available, to be handed to a pathologist involved outside Europe.

You can contact me via the below E-mail.

Michel Mulder MD