Denial by the Industry

Cabin Crew News front page
Cabin Crew News, an internal BA publication for cabin crew

For decades, the Industry (both aircraft manufacturers and airline companies) has been downplaying the problem of contaminated cabin air and the threat it poses to health.

A good example of how the truth is knowingly violated, can be seen in this internal publication from 2003 for BA cabin crew.

Dr. Bagshaw, writer of the short article under 'Medical', was the Director of Health Services in BA at the time. He has been a figurehead for the industry for years in their categorical denial of contaminated air and the Aerotoxic Syndrome. In this publication, he even dares to claim that inhaling the fumes of a synthetical oil like Mobil Jet II is absolutely harmless: "the substance can be potentially harmful if swallowed in large enough quantity, but is not harmful if absorbed through the skin or breathed in".

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of Mobil Jet Oil II however, read  something very different at the time: "Persons who have inhaled vapours or smoke fumes have to be put under medical observation for at least 48 hours, due to the delayed appearance of poisoning".